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Rhonda Schroeder

Photos of Rhonda Schroeder who passed away recently. Her service was held in June 19th, 2014

May she Rest in Peace and those who loved her take comfort in the joy found through memories shared


Tribute: By Karen Sounders Peterson

Rhonda, you are now free to run, leap and fly.

In August of 1972, Rhonda headed to Nebraska seeking her teaching degree. Shortly after I started at Cal State Long Beach, I got a phone call from my Mom with the shocking news that she had a heart attack and was in a coma. I knew about her heart – sort of. She took medication, and once in a while needed to stand on her head during PE. She was the athletic one earning her Presidential blues while walked the laps. She kept encouraging me to just run to the bottom of the hill.
She was flown to California and it was many weeks before I got a call saying she was awake. This was before cell phones so they buzzed your dorm room and you headed down the hall. Wonderful, but she was unable to use her body, or see and speak clearly. A long road of therapy before she was released to her parents care. Ruth and Walter lovingly taught her to make what use she could of this no longer athletic body. They even installed parallel bars in their back yard as Rhonda was determined to walk again. That did not happen. The wheelchair led to a nursing home when Walter and Ruth passed away.
We kept in touch with letters read to her and visits. When Eric was born, we took him for a visit. Then Janet, then Heidi (the cat). Heidi wasn’t an anybody cat, but she sat on Rhonda’s lap without a fuss.
When Rhonda went to Alaska, I was almost more excited than she. She told me all she saw and did. She sparkled.
It has not been the life we talked about in High School, but through it all her love of the Lord stayed, sustained her and encouraged me.

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